Versione scenario del matrimonio.

Aroush Halapsian is at Hotel Pomel with Dovanice Gybray, Ferdeor Hadrick, Pomodà Sobi, and Zukcoh Cervynt. They are all in their late teens or early twenties.

The three of them have been friends for years now, but they still haven’t gotten married yet. You can imagine what kind of wedding this will be though!

You say “Have you heard about the wedding?”
“I haven’t.”
“Well, I’m sure it’ll be a big one!”
“Yeah, well that’s just because we’re going to get married anyway!” Aroush says.

You say “Sakartcupo is going to be marrying Fioranagh, but not here. They’re going to get married in another universe.”
“Really? That’s so cool! Can I come too?”
“No, he said he doesn’t want anyone from our world coming either.”
“Why not?

You say “Because if it happened, weird stuff could happen, like timey-wimey stuff?”
“What do you mean?

You say “Like, we could meet someone who is suppose to be a fictional character that gets created long after we die.”
“Oh. Well I guess that would be pretty cool then.”

You go on to explain that you’ve been trying to contact Sakartcupo, but he hasn’t responded back yet.

You then decide to contact Fioranagh instead.
“Hey, let me try again. What’s his number?”
“It’s 076-00-037-0111.

You dial the number.
You hear a tone and a voice comes through.


You say “Is this Fioranagh? I’m Aroush.”
“Yes, it is. How may I help you today?”
“Um…it’s about my friend Sakartcupo and his marriage to Fioranagh. He’s not answering his phone anymore.”
“Hmm, well maybe he got married somewhere else. I don’t know anything about weddings. Just tell him to call me when he gets home so we can talk there.

You say “He is suppose to be marrying you in Samarkand in the other universe. I think you should be calling him yourself, I can’t contact him.”
“Okay, okay. Thanks.”

You hang up and start looking around your room. There isn’t much to look at, but you find a small computer case and plug it into the wall socket.

You browse the Internet.
After a few minutes, you finally manage to connect to the Internet. It takes awhile, but eventually you find something interesting: an old game called ‘Space Quest’ which was released by Sierra On-Line in 1987.

You start playing space quest.
The first thing you notice is how slow everything seems to move. The graphics are blurry and the sounds are very low-pitched. This is definitely not what you were expecting of a computer game.

You close space quest and google Samarkand.
You open up Google Maps and see that you’re actually in the city of Samarkand. You click on the map to see more details about where you are now.

You say “Dovanice! Pomodà! Zukcoh! Ferdeor! It seems we’re in Samarkand right now.”
“Yeah, it’s a big city with lots of people and things to do. We should probably get some food before we head out of here.”
“Sounds good to me! Let’s go!”

You the five of you head towards a food cartel.
As you walk along, you pass several large buildings. They all have names like ‘Zu’ or ‘Ferdéur’.

“This place looks really busy,” says Aroush.

You five get some Tuy Palov from the street vendor and head towards the Registan.
Aroush nods. “I guess we’ll just have to wait for our turn. Anyway, let’s get some food. I’ve never been inside one of these places before.”

“Well, if you haven’t had any experience then why did you come here anyway?

You say “Fioranagh and Sakartcupo brought us here with their magic.”
“Magic?” you ask incredulously.
“Yeah, they said that this place was magical because it could transport them anywhere they wanted to go without having to use a teleport scroll.”
“So…what happens next?”

You say “We’re going to the Registan to see them getting married.”
“What?! That’s insane! How can anyone marry there?!”
“It’s not as crazy as it might seem. In fact, it’s pretty common practice.”

You stare at him blankly.

You the five of you walk towards the Registan. You bump up with Darillys and Elek’tra.
“Okay, okay, calm down. I’m sure we can convince them to marry us too.”

You say “Darillys! Elek’tra! Let’s all go together to Fioranagh and Sakartcupo’s wedding!”
“Yes, yes, yes!” they all shout in unison.

You follow the crowd towards the Registan.

You you, Darillys, and Elek’tra take front seats, next to your family, as well as Prof. Guzekin and Lonnie.
You sit down and relax. The Registan itself is very fancy looking. There are many rooms set into the walls, each with a different theme.

You look at Sakartcupo and Fioranagh getting married.
You look at the goddess and demon getting married. Sakartcupo in a black suit, Fioranagh in a green dress. It seems so romantic.

The ceremony takes place quickly, but is beautiful. Everyone stands up and claps when the priest comes on stage.

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