Ho deciso di inserire i miei personaggi in una classe insieme!

Eh si, una classe con tutti i miei protagonisti all’interno. Vanno all’Accademia per Ragazzi Strani Dovamund Gybray.

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  • 31 Luglio 2019 in 11:53

    That’s a nice idea to gather all characters in a classroom/academy! I did that once with Hindu deities (named it School 108 or sth), but stopped developing it after a while. I can’t imagine what’d happen if I compiled Brandenburgers and Krugostrannitsans like that, different time periods and all, but we’ll see. Yours come from various regions as well, I’m especially pleased to see Poland, Sicily and India. (Not to brag or anything, I read your blog in Italian and understand it mostly. Yay for learning languages.) Also, do I have to wait for you to visit Tumblr, or you’ve left it permanently? Just wondering why you deactivated the acc again.

    • 3 Agosto 2019 in 19:21

      1: 108 is the significant number in Buddhism, (IE Spiritomb from Pokémon) not sure what the Hindu equivalent is. You could do something that has deities from various religions as separate families, kinda reminishing of my Azerba-chan.

      2: Yeah, Brandenburgers are 17th century, and Krugostrannitsans I’m pretty sure are present-day-ish? You could make a present-day AU, or set it in a midpoint, in this case it would be the 1800’s or something. Most of my OCs are present-day (although an “urban fantasy” kind of present-day) with the exception of ZeP being set in 8000 to 8010. But it’s also another planet that has’nt had their first contact with alien species yet, so it’s very easy to reimagine Dovanice and the Frutti Gang as present-day folks, although Dova won’t be born for another 5311 years, in 7330. Heck, you remember how I shipped Nelly and Seymour? Canonically, Nelly’s born in 2035, Seymour’s born in 1956. But in my fic, Nelly’s a 2000 birth, and Seymour a 1998 one. It gets more complicated when you include the other crossoverials like Adric (an alien from what’s a “negative dimension” in-universe, born 3161), Susan (Sims 3 is set vaguely “in the past”, assumed to be 1975, making her born in 1926), Xion (her makings are quite spoilery, but biologically she’d be born in 1999 judging by game release.), Azula (ostensibly set in 1850 and born in 1836), Chase (ostensibly born in 1962), Nanu (ostensibly 1976), and Grimsley (ostensibly 1989). Yet I make ‘em go to the same school \(._.)/

      3: I won’t use social media, only this blog. This way I get distracted less and nobody bans me for needing Susan too much.

      • 4 Agosto 2019 in 20:57

        1. This one’s on me – in fact, the equivalent in Hinduism is 108 as well. I’ve been practicing this religion (Gaudia-Vaishnavi aspect) for almost a year, so the Hindu topic is very familiar to me. (It’s the reason I made that school AU in the first place.) By Srila Prabhupada, 108 represents 3 sacred numbers, also Lord Shri Krishna has 108 names, as my spiritual teacher told me. Moreover, for jaap meditation, you use prayer beads with 108 marbles, or seeds etc. Buddhism has the basis of Hinduism, therefore the 108 concept is kind of similar there. I like the families idea, by the way.

        2. Let me correct you a bit – Brandenburg is closer to our times than what you mentioned: it is set in the 19th century, 1851-1878 yrs period. It is important to the story’s topic (revival of Bach’s sacred cantatas). Remember we talked about my coffee guy Ntoniu Trifiletti and Kingdom of Two Sicilies where he was born and raised? That all took place in the 1800s, as well as the main chronology. You’re right with Krugostrannitsa though, it is present-day Moscow. So the middle point would actually be somewhere in the 1930s or so. However I’m still thinking about moving everything to the 21st century if I ever compile them, as I already have another, more modern AU of Brandenburg – set in the USA in the 80s, the Choral Four as a Gospel/rock-n-roll band.

        Great insight into your OCs and crossovers! I’ll read this more precisely once again later to fully grasp it. I do remember you shipping Seymour with Nelly (definitely, we used to discuss Skinner a lot back in the Seypover Squad days), and see what you mean there, chronology can be made flexible by using imagination.

        3. Thank you for the info. I applaud your decision, you’re a person of strong will. Checking your blog then! Maybe I’ll open my own one, some day, instead of Tumblr. Like an interactive story. With archives and character references.


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