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  • 8 Giugno 2019 in 09:11

    Ciao! I’m watching your character development over here if you don’t mind. One little suggestion. If Darillys is of a female gender, her surname may need an “a” at the end, as it seems to me it has a gendered -ev/-eva ending common for the location you’re describing (former Soviet Union). That would be Tishaneva. From my native experience, -ev female surnames are never a thing, at least directly in post-Soviet regions. Only when adapted in W. Europe or the US.

    • 8 Giugno 2019 in 11:04


      Darillys was born around 2000-2001, after the fall of the Soviet Union, in Baku, Azerbaijan.
      So her name follows pre-Soviet Altaic rules. And Altaic surnames aren’t gendered.
      She also does’nt write her name in the Latin Alphabet, she writes it in her indigenous alphabet, Caucasian Albanian, which has nothing to do with our current Albania: one’s Shqipteria and the other, at least in the universe of the stories I’m writing, and where Darillys descends from, is Udiny, and if it had survived, would have become Udistan around the year 1000.
      She’d use an Udi surname ending if she could.

      Also, it would be weird for me to suddenly call her Tishaneva. I can pretend she’s Tishaneva but she’s a cool tomboy that would feel more at home in an Udistan that remained forever than in an Azerbaijan that’s only been there for a century, so she prefers Tishanev, expecially after the apocalypse.

      Aroush is an Eastern Armenian but she uses a Western Armenian style transliteration name, or she’d be Arowsh Halabsyan instead. And Elektra’s Mgelidze instead of being Mgeladze, which is the more “normal” surname. But I don’t really care, they’ve had those names for so long. The tags say Tishanev, Halapsian, and Mgelidze – change one and you’d have to change ‘em all.

      Maybe if someone gets to meet Darillys in my new story, it would go something like this:

      Darillys: Hi-ya! The name’s Darillys Tishanev, the raddest girl ever, from Baku, in what you call Azerbaijan.
      Tab: Tishan*ev*? Should’nt it be Tishaneva?
      Darillys: Guess so. But Tishanev has more kick. It’s a rebellion. I have teal hair, screw the rules! If I sign my name in Caucasian Albanian alphabet, I can remove the A from the ending of my surname!
      Tab: Caucasian Albania?
      Darillys: Nothing to do with our Albania, that’s Shqiperia. By Caucasian Albania, we mean Udistan, which is what Azerbaijan should be!


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