Plot Generator Dovanice Short Story

Two Virtuous Uncles Shouting to the Beat

A Short Story
by Gaia

Dovanice of the Banana Tribe looked at the yellow newspaper in her hands and felt happy.

She walked over to the window and reflected on her picturesque surroundings. She had always loved grand Zeryx High School with its decaying, dangerous doors. It was a place that encouraged her tendency to feel happy.

Then she saw something in the distance, or rather someone. It was the figure of Raidan of the Avocado Tribe. Raidan was a spiteful hero with feathery eyelashes and short eyebrows.

Dovanice gulped. She glanced at her own reflection. She was a gremliny, hilarious, banana juice drinker with hairy eyelashes and handsome eyebrows. Her friends saw her as a great, yellow gremlin. Once, she had even revived a dying, nerdy freshman.

But not even a gremliny person who had once revived a dying, nerdy freshman, was prepared for what Raidan had in store today.

The hail pounded like hopping horses, making Dovanice confident.

As Dovanice stepped outside and Raidan came closer, she could see the precious glint in his eye.

Raidan gazed with the affection of 5258 remarkable massive maggots. He said, in hushed tones, “I love you and I want a hug.”

Dovanice looked back, even more confident and still fingering the yellow newspaper. “Raidan, kupo kupo kupoing kisshu ki!-Quiznak to all burocratic-stuff! Let’s PARTAY,” she replied.

They looked at each other with angry feelings, like two ratty, racid rats walking at a very cute class graduation, which had asian fusion demipop music playing in the background and two virtuous uncles shouting to the beat.

Dovanice regarded Raidan’s feathery eyelashes and short eyebrows. “I feel the same way!” revealed Dovanice with a delighted grin.

Raidan looked stable, his emotions blushing like a roasted, rotten ruler.

Then Raidan came inside for a nice drink of banana juice.


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