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ChatGPT Who: Nexus Paradox (basato sul forum game di GallifreyBase “Let’s Add Credits”)

Title: Doctor Who – “The Nexus Paradox” INTRO:[The TARDIS materializes in a dimly lit, futuristic city. The Doctor (Edmund Warwick) and Susan Foreman (Carole Ann Ford) step out.] DOCTOR: (adjusting his scarf) Well, Susan, this place certainly doesn’t look like Earth. Fascinating! SUSAN: (curious) Doctor, what do you think brought us here? [As they explore,…
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Doctor Who Pretty Cure (anni 1960)

Il cibo nazionale di Xyronia, il Purikuya, prende il nome dalle Pretty Cure (da un sogno che avevo fatto quando avevo tipo 11 anni…) Quindi, Bing pensava che io bloggavo su “Doctor Who, Gacha Club, e le Pretty Cure”. Però ho deciso che c’éra bisogno di questo AU… posso fare solo femmine ma può darsi…
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Edge of Castroduction

1: Oh wait there’s another police box there!Susan: Maybe it’s my own TARDIS from the future?Barbara: Let’s find out!*1 turns the visualizer on, revealing Team Fivey!Ian: Who are those people!?!Tegan: I could say the same of you four.Nyssa: I think they might be from our future…Adric: Or past!5: Huh! *turns to face the visualizer with…
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