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ChatGPT Who: Nexus Paradox (basato sul forum game di GallifreyBase “Let’s Add Credits”)

Title: Doctor Who – “The Nexus Paradox” INTRO:[The TARDIS materializes in a dimly lit, futuristic city. The Doctor (Edmund Warwick) and Susan Foreman (Carole Ann Ford) step out.] DOCTOR: (adjusting his scarf) Well, Susan, this place certainly doesn’t look like Earth. Fascinating! SUSAN: (curious) Doctor, what do you think brought us here? [As they explore,…
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Edge of Castroduction

1: Oh wait there’s another police box there!Susan: Maybe it’s my own TARDIS from the future?Barbara: Let’s find out!*1 turns the visualizer on, revealing Team Fivey!Ian: Who are those people!?!Tegan: I could say the same of you four.Nyssa: I think they might be from our future…Adric: Or past!5: Huh! *turns to face the visualizer with…
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