1: Oh wait there’s another police box there!
Susan: Maybe it’s my own TARDIS from the future?
Barbara: Let’s find out!
*1 turns the visualizer on, revealing Team Fivey!
Ian: Who are those people!?!
Tegan: I could say the same of you four.
Nyssa: I think they might be from our future…
Adric: Or past!
5: Huh! *turns to face the visualizer with his Companions* Oh! You seem familiar!
Adric: Is that you, Doctor?
5: closes eyes and shakes head! Yes! Call me the Doctor!
1: That’s what you’re always calling me, Chesterfield!
Ian: Well maybe you guys are both Doctors.
5: No, no, Ian my dear boy.
Nyssa: So you know those guys from your past!
Barbara: Can you help us get back to Earth?
Adric: pulls switch, materializing 1’s TARDIS inside 5’s TARDIS, fusing them together. 1 and crew materializes in
5: Look at what you’ve done!
1: Hrrm!
Susan: Don’t worry! We can share memes together!
Adric: Huh?
Nyssa: We’re here to fight entropy. You see, the Doctor has just regenerated.
1: So that is…
5: The fifth body, yes.
Ian: And you still calling yourself Doctor… That’s like if I called myself Friend!
Barbara: Maybe in some languages, Ian means friend.
5: No the word for friend is Pisicolismiriduckshwee! Of the Fords-and-trongs Pisicolismiriduckshwee!
Susan: Still a bit…
5: Don’t worry my granddaughter! The Terrible Zodin would’nt catch us there!
Tegan: rolls eyes Just blathering…
Barbara: What is your name anyway?
Susan: It’s Theta Sigma.
Ian: OK Theta Sigma! Then get all us back home!
Tegan: I want to go back home, too!
Ian: Let’s guess… Earth 1963?
Tegan: Yup. Well actually it was 1981!
Nyssa: imputs TARDIS coordinates I think I managed it. Ian, Barbara, you’re in 1963 now.
Barbara: Susan, are you coming with us?
Susan: No I’m staying with Grandfather and anyways my name is Arkytior.
Barbara and Ian exit
5: But there are still two of us then!
1: Otherwise I’ll become part of a doomed timeline!
Tegan: Yeah and I don’t wanna be part of it!
Nyssa: Don’t worry Tegan, I got you to 1981 Earth again!
Tegan: Thank you space elf girl! storms off the TARDIS
Adric: Now what are we doing? The Master is still out there somewhere!
1: The Master?
5: He means your old friend Koschei… he grew up. He turned to evil, and I could’nt stop him!
1: We could!
Nyssa: Yeah! And I could get my father and planet back!
1: You’re from Traken, right? Wearing those clothes and everything.
Nyssa: Yes. It’s me. Nyssa of Traken.
Susan: GASP That makes Tremas your father!
1: Wait… Tremas… the Master! Is it… Duh THAT ISNT EVEN AN ANAGRAM IN TRAKENITE! Why would Koschei bother to use English anagrams!
5: Because with time I’ve grown accustomed to Earth.
Susan Arkytior: But now we don’t need to. We could find a planet here together!
Adric: You know how I fused the TARDISES? Welp, we could go fuse the Doctors!
Nyssa and Susan bring 1 and 5 to the Fusion room. A new man enters, known as Theta Sigma.
Theta Sigma: It’s me! I’m back! And I have 20 bodies ahead of me!
Arkytior: Grandfather! What do we do with those new alien kids!
Nyssa: Well I’m an adult already, I’m the woman of the TARDIS now.
Arkytior: Well, I guess you can be.
Theta Sigma: Nyssa is cut off from her planet because it exploded, and Adric is cut off from his planet because the CVEs are also destroyed, this is opera of the Master. Although with how CVEs are, they can be fixed in no time, so… it’s mostly about Traken and Tremas.
Adric: Don’t worry guys, we can fix anything.
Arkytior: Actually, Grandfather… me and Adric fell in love.
Nyssa: You just met!
Arkytior: But he’s so… memetic!
Theta Sigma: Don’t worry, I think we managed to stop entropy.
Nyssa: We created a new timeline together.
Adric: On to our next stop!
Theta Sigma materializes the TARDIS on Gallifrey.
Adric: Is that Gallifrey? Supposedly it has the same coordinates as Alzarius but positive instead of negative. I wanted to live there with Theta and Romana as my adopted parents and K9 as the robot dog!
Arkytior: OK then elope with me and we can even get a K9 unit next time we pass by the 51st century!
Arkytior and Adric kiss and then elope away.
Nyssa: Ooh! Finally! It’s just the two of us!
Theta Sigma: Anything could happen!
Nyssa: Wait a minute, Theta Sigma…
Thete: You can call me Thete.
Nyssa: OK Thete… If that was the start of the universe… that means that Space Station Terminus was there… OK I decided, once we get my father and planet back by defeating the Master, I’m going to buy Terminus and work there. Because after all we did play an important part in the creation of the universe, too.
Thete: Yes it was. And I’m sure that whatever thing we do, we will meet the Master again… But now… our next step!
Thete rolls the coordinates. Thete and Nyssa exit
Nyssa: Wait, what’s that supposed to be?
Thete: Earth. It’s the home planet of humans such as Tegan, Ian, and Barbara. One of my favorite species.
Nyssa: Does that mean we could meet them? Or is this like… centuries after their lifetime?
Thete: Actually, they would’nt be born for a few decades at least.
A blond man in fancy dress runs to Thete and Nyssa.
Charles: ANN! I’ve finally found you after so much time! Your fairy princess costume is beautiful! And you must be the new cricketing squaddie! Come on, let’s play together!
Thete and Nyssa look at each other, and then follow Charles.

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