Science Fiction Dovanice thing

Galactic Gremliny Razor Wars A Science Fiction Plot by Gaia Nicolosi A long, long time ago in a Gremliny, Gremliny galaxy… After leaving the cold planet Gallifrey, a group of witches fly toward a distant speck. The speck gradually resolves into a wobbly, space mill. Civil war strikes the galaxy, which is ruled by Gredie […]

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Jambalaya-Bis – Episodio 1: Ara la streghetta

Ciao. Io sono Ara, ho 18 anni, e sono una strega. I miei poteri sono poteri elementali… poteri del fuoco. Io vivo nella tenera e docile cittadina di Vinbella insieme a mia mamma Raena. Mia mamma è una strega ed è una casalinga, mentre mio papà… be io non l’ho potuto incontrare. Mio papà si […]

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Miku Sleeves Dovanice

Una Dovanice con un makeover un pò anime. Inizialmente volevo quasi disegnare una Susan in queste cosidette miku sleeves, ma poi siccome Susan per me adesso é solo un bisogno non sano che avevo tempo fa, e siccome io avevo più post di Dovanice che di Boyd, Blair, o Cycl0n3, ho deciso che sarebbe stato […]

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Some white-haired Keiths

Canon Keith – white (greying) Keith – silver (greying) Keith – dark gray (greying) Keith – Altean-like white – Galra-like white – light blond platinum blond – red-white – orange-white – salmon – light ginger green-white – teal-white (TS3 Wainwright-like) – minty green – blue-white – violet-white – purple-white – Galra-like purple

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Pojiflax Fashion!

Instead of cosplays, me and Ari-chan are instead trying, anime-inspired fashion not based on a specific character. This is because I’m not in a specific fandom anymore. And for Pokésimstron Overwhoniverse, that’s not a fandom. That’s a religion I had. And I had that religion because I was stoned.

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Space Adventures theme song lyrics

Not much long ago, but far away… a wonderful story happens! It all starts in an average town, named Smile Gardens. And in this town, little Amy Sinclair was born and grew up, never thinking her life could end up straordinary, yet… One day she woke up on a spaceship, she met the queen and […]

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