If ships had children…

If some ships had children. Namely Cycl41r Sw0rdwr1ght, Klance, McHanzo, Shallura, Hunkshay\Tsushay, Twinleafshipping\JunHika\JunPura\Barrawn\Barratina, and Nyssegan. Q: Do you ship those ships? A: Kind of. By the usual meaning, you could say that I ship all of the VLD ones there, plus Cycl41r, Twinleafshipping (mostly with Platina as protag), and McHanzo. I don’t ship canon Nyssegan, […]

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My Doctor Who fanfiction were actually… Roomies Household fanfiction?

Basically, everyone knows that Nyssa of Traken was nothing but a replacement Blair Wainwright to me. But, I’ve never actually watched that Doctor Who era, so where did I pick my characterization for the rest of the Companions and the Fifth Doctor in my old AO3 fics? Answer, from the Roomies Household of The Sims […]

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Blair and the Replacement Blairs

Nyssa of Traken, Blair Wainwright, and Lillie Aether. Three girls a lot like each other, but very different from each other. To me, Nyssa and Lillie were nothing more than replacements for Blair. My Pokémon and Doctor Who “fannishness” was just… things I did to replace The Sims. I was so pathologically obsessed with Blair […]

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Rinmaru anime summer girls

Made with this: http://www.dolldivine.com/anime-summer-girls.php  Alola! It’s Acerola, Lillie, Kahili, and Moon, from the newest Pokémon generation.Beach City’s own Crystal Gems: Amethyst, Pearl, Garnet, and Rose Quartz. Hanging out in some beachy corner of planet Eye of Orion… it’s Generated Anomaly “Jenny” Who, Perpugilliam “Peri” Brown, Nyssa of Traken, and Tegan Jovanka!  Off the beaches of Sandgem, we […]

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