Some white-haired Keiths

Canon Keith – white (greying) Keith – silver (greying) Keith – dark gray (greying) Keith – Altean-like white – Galra-like white – light blond platinum blond – red-white – orange-white – salmon – light ginger green-white – teal-white (TS3 Wainwright-like) – minty green – blue-white – violet-white – purple-white – Galra-like purple

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agosto 31, 2017


If ships had children…

If some ships had children. Namely Cycl41r Sw0rdwr1ght, Klance, McHanzo, Shallura, Hunkshay\Tsushay, Twinleafshipping\JunHika\JunPura\Barrawn\Barratina, and Nyssegan. Q: Do you ship those ships? A: Kind of. By the usual meaning, you could say that I ship all of the VLD ones there, plus Cycl41r, Twinleafshipping (mostly with Platina as protag), and McHanzo. I don’t ship canon Nyssegan, […]

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