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prese da Magical Dovanice the Electricity Elf A Short Story by Random Writer Dovanice the Electricity Elf had always loved colorful Alagaera with its boiled, bumpy bright orange square buildings. It was a place where she felt joyous. She was a magical, down-to-earth, fizzy banana juice drinker with small hands and long butts. Her […]

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Frisk e Bloss… ottava e nona anima

Crossover tra Undertale e The Sims 3, dove Frisk muore e passa il mantello a una nuova eroina del monte Iabot, e quest’eroina é nientepocodimeno che la nostra beneamata Susan Wainwright, diventata la nona anima del sottosuolo sotto il nome di Bloss. Si, le anime non usano i loro veri nomi usano nomi specifici che […]

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Dovanice e Yellow

Si. Dovanice di Zukcoh e Pomodà, e Yellow di Pokémon Special, stanno facendo un bellissimo crossover che si, potrebbe anche essere una counterpart ship. A molti sembrano che a me possano piacermi tanto i Pokémon, ma in realtà non é così. Semplicemente io andavo dove mi portava il cuore (cioé facevo quello che credevo per […]

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If ships had children…

If some ships had children. Namely Cycl41r Sw0rdwr1ght, Klance, McHanzo, Shallura, Hunkshay\Tsushay, Twinleafshipping\JunHika\JunPura\Barrawn\Barratina, and Nyssegan. Q: Do you ship those ships? A: Kind of. By the usual meaning, you could say that I ship all of the VLD ones there, plus Cycl41r, Twinleafshipping (mostly with Platina as protag), and McHanzo. I don’t ship canon Nyssegan, […]

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Tumblr ask sims fanfiction 001

Tumblr Anonymous: Hi, Roomies! What would happen if you were the chosen ones of the Elements of Harmony? Cycl0n3: W3ll. 1’d b3 th3 h0ld3r 0f th3 3l3m3nt 0f m4g1c. Bl41r w0uld b3 th3 3l3m3nt 0f k1ndn3ss. T4m4r4 w0uld b3 th3 3l3m3nt 0f g3n3r0s1ty. 3mm4 w0uld b3 th3 3l3m3nt 0f l4ught3r. Thus l34v1ng B0b3rt W41nwr1ght 4s […]

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Pokésimstron Overwhoniverse – Wainsw0rd-related multicrossover!

A multicrossover between Pokémon Sun and Moon, The Sims 3, Voltron Legendary Defender, Overwatch, Fifth Doctor era Doctor Who, and Steven Universe. Yes, it’s a disparate mound of things. See, I have barely played Pokémon games from HGSS onward as I stopped actually liking them around that time, haven’t watched VLD or Classic Who at […]

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At the cosplay randomizer!

I’m going to be a steampunk, lolita, berry-sweet Miku Hatsune! Kupo! (OxO) Ari-chan (the girl who my dad decided to hire so she can keep company to me while my parents are at work. This is because I’m a bit silly.) is going to be a fantasy devil version of Yellow from PokéSpe. My sister, […]

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In “The Sims 3”, Susan Wainwright is one of my many favorite characters in Sunset Valley. If you’re here, it’s very likely she’s one of yours, too. This is her, if you need a refresher on what she looks like by default. She’s an Adult sim with 11 days to Elder, level 5 in the […]

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