Pokésimstron Overwhoniverse – Wainsw0rd-related multicrossover!

A multicrossover between Pokémon Sun and Moon, The Sims 3, Voltron Legendary Defender, Overwatch, Fifth Doctor era Doctor Who, and Steven Universe. Yes, it’s a disparate mound of things. See, I have barely played Pokémon games from HGSS onward as I stopped actually liking them around that time, haven’t watched VLD or Classic Who at […]

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In “The Sims 3”, Susan Wainwright is one of my many favorite characters in Sunset Valley. If you’re here, it’s very likely she’s one of yours, too. This is her, if you need a refresher on what she looks like by default. She’s an Adult sim with 11 days to Elder, level 5 in the […]

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I’m continuing my old Doctor Who fic! (OwO)

http://archiveofourown.org/works/9810605 It’s mostly about Nyssa and Lyssa\Ann Talbot being sisters, but is also about my fanon ship Tremaudrey AKA Tremas of Traken\Audrey Dudman.

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