The end of Voltron – no Paladins for Bridgeport!

Caral: Here we are in our third destination, Bridgeport! Alkir: Where the grass is short, fresh, not wet, and darker than Sunset Valley and Twinbrook are. Robert: Different environment marks different grass, does’nt it? Connor: Or would it be backwards? Lolly: Maybe. Who cares? Alkir: Ehy, you quiznaking two could stop be here and flirt […]

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Green Paladin Robert, Blue Paladin Lolly

Caral: And we’ve finally arrived in Twinbrook. Connor: It’s much swampier and wetter than Sunset Valley. Alkir: Yes it is. All town have different grass and environment from each other. This place has more of a swamp feel, while Sunset Valley has more of a beachy suburban feel. Connor: So, we’re gonna find a paladin […]

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Connor, the yellow Paladin!

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful Altean princess named Alkir. And also a very useful advisor, the stellar Caral! Alkir: A long time ago, my father and mother, the king and queen, initiated the project for a wonderful weapon of mass destruction, a giant robot named Voltron, made up of five robots that […]

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Goodbye, premades!

Welp. I had already wrote a somewhat long post about it, but it got sort-of “eaten”, so to speak. Anyways, as I was never really a premade sim player (beside gimmicky challenges and stuff), I decided to download the custom neighborhood Candifornia and play my own sims here. Candifornia has no premades in it despite […]

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settembre 17, 2017

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