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prese da Magical Dovanice the Electricity Elf A Short Story by Random Writer Dovanice the Electricity Elf had always loved colorful Alagaera with its boiled, bumpy bright orange square buildings. It was a place where she felt joyous. She was a magical, down-to-earth, fizzy banana juice drinker with small hands and long butts. Her […]

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If ships had children…

If some ships had children. Namely Cycl41r Sw0rdwr1ght, Klance, McHanzo, Shallura, Hunkshay\Tsushay, Twinleafshipping\JunHika\JunPura\Barrawn\Barratina, and Nyssegan. Q: Do you ship those ships? A: Kind of. By the usual meaning, you could say that I ship all of the VLD ones there, plus Cycl41r, Twinleafshipping (mostly with Platina as protag), and McHanzo. I don’t ship canon Nyssegan, […]

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In “The Sims 3”, Susan Wainwright is one of my many favorite characters in Sunset Valley. If you’re here, it’s very likely she’s one of yours, too. This is her, if you need a refresher on what she looks like by default. She’s an Adult sim with 11 days to Elder, level 5 in the […]

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Rinmaru anime summer girls

Made with this:  Alola! It’s Acerola, Lillie, Kahili, and Moon, from the newest Pokémon generation.Beach City’s own Crystal Gems: Amethyst, Pearl, Garnet, and Rose Quartz. Hanging out in some beachy corner of planet Eye of Orion… it’s Generated Anomaly “Jenny” Who, Perpugilliam “Peri” Brown, Nyssa of Traken, and Tegan Jovanka!  Off the beaches of Sandgem, we […]

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