Tumblr ask sims fanfiction 001

Tumblr Anonymous: Hi, Roomies! What would happen if you were the chosen ones of the Elements of Harmony?

Cycl0n3: W3ll. 1’d b3 th3 h0ld3r 0f th3 3l3m3nt 0f m4g1c. Bl41r w0uld b3 th3 3l3m3nt 0f k1ndn3ss. T4m4r4 w0uld b3 th3 3l3m3nt 0f g3n3r0s1ty. 3mm4 w0uld b3 th3 3l3m3nt 0f l4ught3r. Thus l34v1ng B0b3rt W41nwr1ght 4s th3 3l3m3nt 0f h0n3sty 4nd S4bry 4s th3 3l3m3nt 0f l0y4lty! Smyl3s w0uld b3 0ur Sp1k3.

Blair: My parents are named Boyd and Susan not Bobert and Sabry.

Stiles: My name is Stiles not “Smyl3s”. Why would MY name have a 3 in it? *facepalm*

Blair: That’s how Cy is. You’ll get used to him! Teehee!


Stiles: You’re not an Homestuck character!

Cycl0n3: 1 h4d typ1ng qu1rks B3F0R3 H0m3stuck!

Blair: At least you’re not otherkin with Terezi or something.

Tamara: I’d love to do “qu1rky” stuff with a Homestuck Troll, if you know what I mean.

Cy&Blair: T4M!!!

Blair: Cycl0n3’s older sister would thus be the Shining Armor of the situation. And then, how about Nancy Landgraab for Celestia, Frida Goth for Luna, and Holly Alto for Cadence?

Cycl0n3: 4r3 y0u sh1pp1ng my s1s w1th…

Blair: Nah. Although you may never know, they might make a cute couple!

Cycl0n3: Sh3 h4s m4rr13d h3r l1t3r4l wh0 n0rm13 b0yfr13nd.

Stiles: He calls his brother-in-law THAT?

Tamara: The world may never know. I’ve read some of Fiona McIrish’s hentai fics about Holly Alto having a threesome with deaged versions of Stiles and Blair’s respective moms.

Stiles: I’ve just moved in and there’s already…

Cycl0n3: Th4t’s h0w 4ch4n w0rks. 5ch4n t00.

Blair: Welp, that’s not the REAL Holly, Susan, and Clarissa… well it’s not “our” versions.

Tamara: E-xactly! In a version of our universe, Holly’s married to said older sister of Cycl0n3 Sw0rd.

Cycl0n3: 33yup.

Blair: Connor would be the closest thing to our version of Sunset Shimmer, and Erin could be our Flash Sentry!

Emma: Sorry if I appear just now. Kaylinn, Bella, and Darlene as the Cutie Mark Crusaders? They’re the only three girls of the right age in town. Sandi’s a bit too young, and Lisa is more of the age that Spike would be.

Blair: This makes Kaylinn into Sweetie Belle, Bella into Applebloom, and Darlene into Scootaloo!

Cycl0n3: Th1s w0rks.

Tamara: I have an huge booklet of Fiona McIrish cracky slashfic! There’s from the mundane to the fantastic. There’s some selfcest too. Connor x Female Connor x Alien Connor x Female Alien Connor, anyone? One of the crackiest and also one of my favorites, is Sunsetanvilshipping. Guess what it is?

Stiles: Me x Zelda Mae x Pauline Wan x a guitar.

Emma: Jared x a plate of spaghetti x Connor x Sandi x Jared and Claire’s unborn daughter.

Cycl0n3: M3 x Cr0yd0n F0yb (NDA: this means Connor Frio) x th3 sp3llch3ck3rs 4t D00 P34s C0rp0r4t10n.

Blair: Me x Pauline Wan x Justine Keaton x an unicorn named Setan!

Tamara: Wrong, although all of you come kinda close!

Blair: Connor x Pauline? No wait that’s only like half cracky…

Tamara: Sunsetanvilshipping is Nick Alto x Vita Alto x Holly Alto x Iqbal Alvi x VJ Alvi x Miraj Alvi x Beau Andrews x Victoria Andrews x Jack Bunch x Judy Bunch x Ethan Bunch x Lisa Bunch x Arlo Bunch x Darlene Bunch x Buster Clavell x Bessie Clavell x Xander Clavell x Connor Frio x Jared Frio x Gus Hart x Dorie Hart x Bebe Hart x Jamie Jolina x Marty Keaton x Justine Keaton x Erin Kennedy x Gobias Koffi x me x Emma Hatch x Stiles McGraw x Cycl0n3 Sw0rd x Blair Wainwright x Yumi Sekemoto x Leighton Sekemoto x Sam Sekemoto x Fiona McIrish x River McIrish x Molly French x Sandi French x Christopher Steel x Claire Ursine x Susan Wainwright x Boyd Wainwright x Pauline Wan x Hank Goddard x Thornton Wolff x Morgana Wolff x Madison VanWatson x Monika Morris x Tori Kimura x Ayesha Ansari x Simis Bachelor x Jocasta Bachelor x Michael Bachelor x Bella Bachelor x Agnes Crumplebottom x Gunther Goth x Cornelia Goth x Mortimer Goth x Geoffrey Landgraab x Nancy Landgraab x Malcolm Landgraab x Kaylinn Langerak x Zelda Mae x Dustin Langerak x Parker Langerak x Iliana Langerak x Starla Vanderstorm x Arceus x Regigigas.

Stiles: Oh my Arceus! Fiona even put that really new newbie Starla in there!

Emma: I don’t think any ship including Tamara ever really counts as cracky.

Cycl0n3: Th4t’s h0t!

Blair: Wonderful multiship, although a lil bit unrealistic.

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    hello gaia! i just wanted to say that you are super inspiring and cool and i love your wiki. consider me your fangirl ♡ love from sweden

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      Hello Kajisa! Its me Gaia. Its really early here in Italy so im typing this from the cellphone. Also this Is a blog not a wiki? Unless you mean the sims and fanon one. Maybe you will add something to that in the future. Anyways It woukd be’ nice to keep in touch


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