At the cosplay randomizer!

I’m going to be a steampunk, lolita, berry-sweet Miku Hatsune! Kupo! (OxO)

Ari-chan (the girl who my dad decided to hire so she can keep company to me while my parents are at work. This is because I’m a bit silly.) is going to be a fantasy devil version of Yellow from PokéSpe.

My sister, Paola-chan, is going to cosplay a reinassance, racebent\more alien looking (Is Adric still an alien in my version of him? Or is he an human of partly white partly Asian descent? It depends, since I got into Doctor Who via Doctor Whooves.), kimono version of Adric of Alzarius. Of course, knowing my sister, she’ll scrap it and cosplay as Rose DeWitt instead. (-_-°)


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