Space Adventures theme song lyrics

Not much long ago, but far away… a wonderful story happens! It all starts in an average town, named Smile Gardens. And in this town, little Amy Sinclair was born and grew up, never thinking her life could end up straordinary, yet… One day she woke up on a spaceship, she met the queen and king of planet Rink, and suddenly, a wonderful journey was ahead of her!  The Amanda Julia Sinclair Adventures began! On Earth, she’s known as Amy Sinclair, a nice girl with some friends – but here in space, she’s the tenth Rabalet, an hero who reincarnates into many species and planets, but there has never been a human Rabalet before! The Amanda Julia Sinclair Adventures! Leading double lives, saving planets, piloting spaceships, and sometime coming back to Earth for the holidays! The Amanda Julia Sinclair Space Adventures!  They were Amy, Krogar, Laquara, Th’al’mir, and Vevevv – five space adventurers with many stuff to go – The Amanda Julia Sinclair Space Adventures! On the evening, you will peek out of a window, looking at a far away star – where there rotates a little planet – and in that faraway planet there is a town called Smile Gardens – where your old friends and your family dearly miss you! So far away, from home you are, but fortunately, you will find many! The Amanda Julia Sinclair Space Adventures! You will save the universe from the Delvafi Empire and marry an alien prince! The Amanda Julia Sinclair Space Adventures!


Also, you get some headcanons on how the character names are structured.

Amy Sinclair’s given name is “Amanda Julia”, and her surname is “Sinclair”, which comes from her father. Her mother’s surname was (and likely still techincally is) Erien, which is only rarely considered part of Amy’s surname, making her full name “Amanda Julia Sinclair-Erien”, which is also technically correct just as “Amanda Julia Sinclair” is.

The Karrock of Krekor are a rather violent species. Krogar’s parents named him Krogar at birth, then Krogar’s first kill was a Karrock named Kruup, hence becoming Kruup Krogar.

The Lequaera of Qualaera are a peaceful, magitek species. Laquara’s parents named her Laquara when they first saw her. Then Laquara had a naming ceremony where her future destiny was seen, and Laquara was given the title “Elevariera” – “Healer of Evils”.

The Vle’fib of Ku’jib are a super-advanced, super-smart, VERY sci-fi species. They all have six-part-names, which seem a bit complicated but actually are very simple. Th’al’mir’s parents, Fi’za’nor and Ko’je’viv, named her after syllables which are used in names to represent concepts and stuff but which aren’t technically part of the language. “Th” represents stars, “Al” represents the color blue, “Mir” represents being brave. All pureblood Vle’fib are supposed to have given names like that, although there are some Vle’fib who named their children after Qualaeran and\or Krekorian words\names as an act of rebellion. “Fi’yo’viv” is a compound surname, which is shared between all full siblings. The first part of the compound surname comes from the mom’s given name. The second part of the compound surname is here just to give more surname variety, as Vle’fib often tend to have more than one romance in their lives, there are a lot of half-siblings and a lot of stepfamilies, and it’s nice for half-siblings to not share the full compound surname. The second part can be shared with one of the parents, but often it does’nt. This leaves the third part of the compound surname as being the third part of the father’s given name. “Fi” represents the color green, “Yo” represents canyons, and “Viv” represents calmness.

The Vovov of Viviv are a very silly species, who don’t really have a naming scheme to them. So there are no rules to Vovov names, anything can be a Vovov name. 25% of Vivivian names are phrases and words in the Vovov language. 10% of Vivivian names are compound names a la Vle’fib, like a male Vovov named Stupek and a female Vovov named Richor having a child named Ri’pek. The remaining 65% of the Vovovs have completely random names, and this includes our Vevevv Vav Vav.

So in short we have, 10th Rabalet Amanda Julia of the Sinclair and Erien families of Earth. Krogar, killer of Kruup, of Krekor. Laquara, the Healer of Evils, of Qualaera. Th’al’mir, daughter of Fi’za’nor and Ko’je’viv of Ku’jib. Vevevv Vav Vav of Viviv.  There are a lot of different naming schemes in space.

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