2 pensieri riguardo “Il carretto siciliano di Nelly e Fiffi!

  • 2 Settembre 2019 in 21:23

    Your dad gave you a nice idea! I got so delighted with this scene, mainly because I really adore Sicilian culture and have some of it in Brandenburg Chronicles. Ntoniu is also depicted in a Sicilian cart in one of my comic pages, when he lived in Messina and had a careless life.

    Oh, and by the way, I gathered my courage and made a site about my verse on the basis of Blogspot:
    //To subscribe, click the blue button and log in with your Google account. I’ll really appreciate the fact that someone follows my German church singers!

    • 5 Settembre 2019 in 10:57

      I do have it in my favorites, might check it from time to time.
      Nelly and Fiffi aren’t Sicilian, they’re Georgian, but we saw Sicilian-cart-themed-chairs on the way to visit an old friend.


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