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Darillys Tishanev was taking a shower this hot day. . (earlier that day she found out Aroush Halapsians little secret she kept between her legs).

Then, suddenly, Aroush Halapsian ran in.
“Sorry I have to interupt you, naked in the shower, but we must go!”
“What? im taking a shower, I am indecent!, this bathing costum barely concils my legs, cant you see that? I am as good as naked!”
“yes, I can see that you are naked, in the shower” Aroush Halapsian said.
“But we must go…The Voldemortina is back!.”
“What not the Voldemortina!!!”
Darillys Tishanev got out of the shower and put some clothes on.
After she was no longer naked, they left to defeat the Voldemortina.

Along the way they contacted Vartan Halapsian, who joined them on their quest.
“I will join you on your quest to defeat the Voldemortina said Vartan Halapsian.
“Thanks for joining us on our quest,” said Aroush Halapsian;
“Yes, we need your help to defeat the Voldemortina” said Darillys Tishanev.
So, Darillys Tishanev Aroush Halapsian and now Darillys Tishanev left by terrain wagon for their epic quest to defeat
the Voldemortina!
A/N I got bord of writing the fanfic as it was so I decided to change things around. I hope u guys like it!!

She was as of yet the most beautifyl thingy in the whole of Earth, Aroush Halapsian believed her to be. As she faigjt the great villianness the Voldemortina, her hair bobbed up and down consistently like a rubber duck in a bathtub. She swipped at the the Voldemortina and was more than anything Aroush Halapsian had seen before. Her beatiful feistful pressure shocked the Voldemortina’s henchmen into copulating before her.

Platinum, take my sword! said Aroush Halapsian, and give it to the greatness before us. She will need our legendary sword in order to defeat the great uber-the Voldemortina

And lo! Platinum did so and the maginificent great mysterious woman took the sword and stabbed the Voldemortina.

She was defeated. But was the Voldemortina? Because as Aroush Halapsian ran towards the mysterious strange beauty of her draems and was about to share the greatest kiss she had ever given to someomne in the history of mankind, the Voldemortina rose up and fled!
And this is where the story ends…

It has come… to my attention… that some readers… don’t like my art. They say that it’s…it’s all anti-semetic (sxuz me, but jews are like that!) and racist (I had a black classmate in my class once and he was really stupid lol) . That hurts me a lot. Really… a lot.
Do u know how long it takes me to write my stories? Do u think I like it being stuck at home with nothing to do but writing my soul into my art? My favourite show just ended and I was on team Jacob!

Writing is the only thing that makes me happy, but if that isn’t good enough for u people, then I’m going to call it quits!
Yes, that’s righr! I won’t finish this story! You forced me into this 🙁 HAPPY NOW?!!!!

I want to thank PrettySnape5 and Tinkersnuggums for beta reading, but I… I… I… just can’t take it anymore.
So long internet. I WON”T MISS U!!

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