The McIrish Premade Sim Grandchildren breeding challenge

Premade sims Susan Wainwright (fanonly neé Bronte) and Jamie Jolina.

had son named Dunsparce Jolina.

Emma Hatch and River McIrish

had daughter Shuckle McIrish.

Shuckle and Dunsparce

had daughter Aipom together

Aipom then met her aunt Blair (technically half-aunt – Susan’s daughter)

and great-grandmother Fiona. (River’s mom) Yes that’s her natural hair color. By default the game has her as a dyed ginger.

    • Yes they did but then again they’re all very attractive premades. I could just as easily have got a Bunch or something.

      Dunsparce is pretty much Jamie as a dude.

      Shuckle is pretty much River with Fiona’s eye color and Emma’s tinier chin and more defined nose.

      Aipom is pretty much Jamie with Susan’s brown hair w\redhead streaks (although Aipom’s shade is 25% of each grandmother), some of Susan’s slightly darker skin tone, Emma’s eye color, and Emma’s nose.

      Her surname ended up being McIrish so you could say that River gave her that. Although surname can be changed at city hall. The hair can also be changed with makeover and eye color can mutate (and I’ve download the contact lens version of those eyes) and her skin is’nt really that much darker, so really her nose is the only thing keeping her from being fully Jamie.

      You may think that this means that Susan left Boyd for Jamie, but no, she moved back with Boyd right away. That does’nt mean he will be the only person that she ends up with. She will also propably end up being the person with the most children in town.

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