Kymicsu Fans Rollcall!

Please my fans I know you exist and that you’re there reading this! But you never comment so i never feel like I’ve got fans like I should by now, thanks to the mega-super-wonderfully great Dovanice and Kynata! <3 There’s only one possible reason why Dovanice and Kynata did’nt garner me fans, and that is my obsession for the crappy and dull Susan Wainwright, but that must be distant past by now, right? So, please comment with your names, ages, locations, and descriptions, kupo!

Per favore miei fan so che esistete e che state leggendo questo proprio adesso! Ma voi non commentate mai e quindi mai io penso che ho dei fan come dovrei, per via delle mie mega-super-miticissimamente grandi Dovanice e Kynata! <3 C’é solo una possibile ragione del perché Dovanice e Kynata non mi hanno dato dei fan, e quella é la mia ossessione per la per-niente-figa e completamente uninteressante Susan Wainwright, ma quella é chiaramente storia lontana! Quindi, per favore, commentate coi vostri nomi, età, locazioni, e descrizioni, kupo!

  • sometimes i read this! don’t be worried if people don’t comment its normal,they might not have much to say i love this blog.


      • mare’s nest? what/who is that? oh well

        how come you upload stuff to your blog so much? i find blogging boring sometimes

        • Its a wordpress about drama in the sims forums. They wiew me as a sad woman who stays too much time at the computer than its propably healthy, and see my joining the Doctor Who fandom through Doctor Whooves (IE having Doctor Whooves as my First Doctor through Derpibooru, seeing so much Doctor Who-themed pony fanart that I dreamed them, and unconsciously researching stuff of Doctor Who just because of the pony.) as working too hard for the sake of a pun. When it was’nt even a choice because I was’nt even lucid.

          Technically, the Sixth Doctor was my 1st Doctor, but I already pretty much a Whoniverse expert by the time I read that comic, because I used to always be on Derpibooru and half of the background pony fanart was Doctor Who themed. Of course, now I would have accepted Doctor Whooves as just a BG pony whose name just happens to be “Doctor Whooves” because anything can be considered a name in the pony verse. I propably would’nt even have clicked on as much DW inspired MLP fanart.

          Just like how right now I’m not an expert on anything Stranger Things and IT just for having a Tumblr who reblogged a lot of Voltron because it reblogged a lot of Overwatch because it reblogged a lot of Steven Universe because it reblogged a lot of Homestuck.

          There were a lot of Pokémon and Doctor Who stuff throughtout, but it’s not that I liked them the most, just that they were the most addictive. Like how I’m addicted to Susan Wainwright but I’m not a premade sim player and propably would’nt even still be playing the sims 3 if I was’nt addicted to her.

  • i think that blog said i take things too far,i’m your sole accomplice and most of the internet hates you…D:

    • Yes. I seem to be unpopular because of my obsession for unfashionable premades such as the wainwrights. I say unfashionable because it is not fashionable to like them.

  • yeah theres really no need for all this hate towards you i’ll still be a fan 😀

    i’m labelled as the one who takes things too far which is an insult? or compliment?

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