• Dovanice of the Banana Tribe is my OC
      she is part of the Zukcohdà Mane Four (the Zukcohdà gang members that are necessary as part of the gang to me) alongside Zukcoh, Pomodà, and Ferdeor
      she is an electricity elf
      she is described as a gremlin because of her personality
      she is the oldest of the Zukcohdà Mane Four, but also the shortest, flattest (well flatter than Pomodà), most childlike, least corrupted by money, and has the most high-pitched\childlike voice of the four
      if you need a crossover, she’s part of the Crystal Sims alongside Susan, Boyd, Blair, and Cycl0n3

      Also, you tend to call everysim a god(dess).

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